Vikki Slade on Lewesdon Drive Crossing: "£30,000 wasted on a project we don't want"


Broadstone Liberal Democrats have been campaigning to stop Poole Council ripping out a safe crossing island and replacing it with a zebra crossing on Lewesdon Drive.

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Vikki’s fighting to protect school funding


Following the announcement by the Conservatives that an extra £1.3bn will be injected in schools over the next two years, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said that, instead of a real terms cut of 6.5%, there will still have been a cut of 4.6% between 2015 & 19.

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Tory "Dementia Tax" will hit hard in Dorset

The Conservative manifesto could lump a social care bill of £194,450 on Poole residents and £183,691 on Dorset residents.


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Lib Dems launch manifesto plan to fund more nurses, teachers and police in Dorset

Vikki Slade: “We want to build a fairer Britain, with properly funded schools and hospitals, a clean environment and an innovative economy."


Earlier this week, the Liberal Democrats launched their manifesto plans for a brighter future, with pledges to reverse Conservative cuts and increase funding for the NHS, schools and police.

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Vikki Slades speaks out against Fox Hunting

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate: "I totally oppose Fox Hunting and cannot understand why anyone would find it acceptable in a civilised society."

Earlier this week, Theresa May announced that, if elected, she is going to allow a free vote on fox hunting.

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