Election Statement


"Let me begin by paying my tremendous thanks and appreciation to every single one of my campaign members and volunteers. I simply could not have run this election campaign without them.

"Whilst in this instance, we have not managed to successfully return MDNP to the Liberal Democrats, we have been able to spread the message of hope and the ideal of a brighter future. 

"I will continue to fight every day for a brighter future for our area and continue to play an active part in our great community to help the lives of those around us. 

"We may not have won this time, but I am confident, that we will soon see a Liberal Democrat MP for MDNP, once again.

"Thank you so much to everyone for their kind words and support, and together we can keep fighting to get the brighter future we all so truly deserve!"

- Vikki Slade, 13th December 2019

Upcoming Hustings:

Unable to make these events?

Vikki is happy to meet with groups at schools, churches, pubs or in social groups! Or if you want to organise your own hustings session, Vikki is happy to attend!

Alternatively, reach out us via email at vikki4mdnp@gmail.com or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, if you have any policy specific questions!

Why vote for Vikki?

The country faces a difficult choice at this General Election.

Here are just a few reasons why you should vote Vikki Slade 🗳


Community is important.

At this next election, let's elect the candidate that knows the community, inside and out, and has its best interests at heart.

Meet Vikki ;)

The General Election Campaign has begun!

The campaign for #GE2019 has begun, and the Mid Dorset & North Poole Liberal Democrat's are ready to do this!


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