Vikki Slades speaks out against Fox Hunting

Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate: "I totally oppose Fox Hunting and cannot understand why anyone would find it acceptable in a civilised society."

Earlier this week, Theresa May announced that, if elected, she is going to allow a free vote on fox hunting.

Theresa May will allow MPs the right to vote on the repeal of the controversial 2004 Hunting Act that outlawed many "blood sports". If voted through parliament, this would see foxes tormented during barbaric hunts again.

Vikki Slade, Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Dorset and North Poole expressed her disgust at Theresa May's plans: 

"I would never vote to repeal this ban and feel that we need to strengthen the ban we have as we are regularly seeing fox hunting going on but being disguised as scent hunts, and we are seeing those people who seek to stop hunting receiving harsher treatment for trying to uphold the law than the illegal hunts.

I am sickened that Theresa May is so confident that she will win a majority that she seeks to bring in policy with 84% of the public supporting the ban.  We must show her that she cannot get away with such vile policies."

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